"Jackson’s been recognised for his amazing musicianship, standing alongside Leesa Gentz, Felicity Lawless, Julz Parker and Lindsay Waddington for the Musician of the Year category this year, sponsored by Gold Coast Music"

Samantha Morris


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"Never content with delivering the expected, with each single and music video release Jackson bares his heart, soul and imagination to connect with fans."

Trudy Bristow

The Fashion Collective

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"The Soul cant be anywhere else when you're at a Jackson Dunn gig- high energy roots all the way"

Nathan Cavalieri

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"Jackson Dunn is a powerhouse aussie blues & roots artist that packs a punch" Marshall OKell

(Marshall and the Fro)

"An Absolute powerhouse performer"

Tsunami Magazine



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Jackson Dunn is a product of sun, surf and summer - the guitar-slinging, one man roots dynamo from the Gold Coast thrives on it. He hides away to hibernate through Winter, using the solitary time to write, record and let his creativity flow. But as soon as he feels the warmth of the Spring Feels on his sun soaked travels,  he returns to play shows and release the product of his time away from the world.

Jackson uses the inspiration of the city, surf and new love to create his music. He is like a solar battery, building up his inspiration through the Summer months and playing his energetic and exciting roots music for Coastal music fans, bottling that lightning in Winter and then releasing it throughout Spring and Summer to soundtrack summer fun, love and excitement!

Jackson has an insatiable love for music.

A lifelong passion, Jackson credits his Phillipino-born mother for his introduction to the music world. He is inspired by artists like Daniel Johns, Ash Grunwald, Dallas Frasca and Adalita.

His live show combines lightning-speed strumming, beer bottle slide guitar, thumping foot-stomp and mesmerising drum loops with heartfelt lyrics, tender, emotional moments and guitar lines that take you on an emotional rollercoaster - it is not to be missed.

A fiery, intense burning is on display whenever Jackson take the stage - his presence on stage quite simply explodes with undiluted passion. His music bleeds with feeling and voice his emotional points in the listener - his writing comes from personal experience.



Jackson is a one man roots dynamo - lightening-speed strumming, beer bottle slide guitar, thumping foot-stomp and mesmerising drum loops make his live show a visceral experience not to be missed.


-Gold Coast Musician of the Year Finalist 2020

-El Mariachi Tour 2017/18

-All The Feels Tour 2019/20

-This Far Tour 2020/21

- Performer at 2012 Bluesfest

- Performer - Brisbane Festival 2012

- Performer at Red Deer Music festival with Regurgitator, Clare Bowditch

- Winner of the Gold Coast Gig Competition

- Feature on Billabong Surf DVD soundtrack "Wanderjah"

- Feature on soundtrack for surf film "Home"

- Voted number 1 single & filmclip in Australia for Channel V: Channel U

- Ranked Number 1 in late 2009 Triple J Unearthed Blues & Roots

- Supports: Nathan Cavalieri, John Butler Trio, Jack Johnson, Jebediah, Dallas Frasca, Ash Grunwald. 

A lifelong passion, Jackson credits his Phillipino-born mother for his introduction to the music world.



Jackson celebrates his years' successes gearing up to take on whatever "the 'rona" brings us in 2021, Jackson is hitting the ground running and taking on 2021 HEAD on....With a Massive New Years gig at Boaty's Airlie, Jackson has just arrived back on the Gold Coast from his "This Far" tour.

With the success of his Music video releases and nominations in 2020, Jackson is now back in the studios creating some new and exciting tracks expected to be released mid 2021. 

Jackson continues to support local music professionals and is making plans already for more new music working with Scotty French, Paul Blakey & Cara Parker as he builds his Team.

It's been a strange year and so many artists are unsure of how to move forward. Some have half released work from this year, some have so much work to get out there and some are now just beginning to feel confident enough now to start paving a way forward.

Jackson is truly embracing change and prepping a major #hustle for 2021. 

Check out Jackson's Latest releases and keep your eye for new and exciting vids and content. 






Gold Coast, Australia

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Gold Coast, Australia

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